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If you're looking for the best painters in San Angelo, TX, look no further than us! We specialize in both interior and exterior painting, and our team of experienced professionals is ready to tackle your next project. Contact us today to get started.
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Pro San Angelo TX Painters

At All Season Construction and Painting, we offer professional and dependable painters around the clock to cater to all painting needs in San Angelo, Texas. Be it commercial painting or residential painting, our team of painters holds the expertise to tackle each project with the utmost dedication and professionalism.

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Residential Painting

Our painters are experienced, professional, and skilled. We work with you to create a custom color scheme and style that will match your home perfectly.

Commercial Painting

Whether you need to upgrade your space with a fresh coat of paint or are looking for expert painting services, our team brings the expertise and experience necessary to complete any sized project on time and without fail.
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Free Painting Estimates

In-Person or Remote Estimates​

Whether for convenience or safety, All Season Construction and Painting offers estimates remotely as well as in person. In-person estimates can be scheduled by clicking here or calling our office at (325) 241-3212. Remote estimates can be conducted by emailing your pictures to: Please provide your contact info when doing so. 

All Season Construction & Painting

Your One-stop-shop for All Your Painting Needs

You can be sure that you are choosing the best in the market when you hire residential house painting contractors from All Season Construction and Painting. Since 1992, All Season Construction and Painting has provided services to customers in San Angelo, Texas. We ensure the project is completed correctly by doing everything possible to prepare the area and using the appropriate tools for the job. Our expertise is demonstrated by the fact that our clients are consistently pleased with the jobs we deliver.

Top Quality

Residential & Commercial Painters

We provide high quality color, design, and finish in our residential and commercial painting services. From small repair spots to full interior or exterior repaints, we have you covered. We offer a variety of different services including paint removal, drywall repair and patching, staining/deck restoration, caulking and much more!

30 Years of Experience Under Our Belt

For those of you who do not know, painting is not an easy job. It requires skill, precision, patience, and practice. When we take on a new paint job to complete, we put our heart and soul into it. Each painter at All Season Construction and Painting is obsessed with getting each detail of the paint right so that we can create the dream look you want.

With twelve years of experience under our belt, we have worked on all types of projects, ranging from small-scale bedrooms to large-scale commercial facilities. Our experience has enabled us to use a different approach to each project we take on. When it comes to painting, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ scenario. Each project requires a different skillset, approach, and attention to detail that only the experts at All Season Construction and Painting are ready to provide.

Why Choose Us

Efficient and reliable painting services

We are a team of experienced and professional painters who are dedicated to our craft. We take pride in our work and always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. When you choose us for your painting needs, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of service possible.

Professional Expertise

We are trained and experienced painters with over two decades of experience.

High-Quality Workmanship

We can transform the look and feel of your space with a wide array of colors, textures and more.

Clean Work Areas

We take pride in providing a very clean work area & cleaning up after every project.

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Customer Testimonials

Choose a color palette that fits the style of your project

We specialize in both interior and exterior painting, and our team of experienced professionals is ready to tackle your next project. Contact us today to get started.


Frequently Asked Questions

The truth is that new paint might actually help to protect your home, despite the fact that it is simple to think of painting your house as an aesthetic upgrade. Your home's exterior and interior walls are painted, and this paint serves as a kind of skin, shielding the underlying components from wear and damage that may develop over time. However, in terms of aesthetics, the paint you choose has a significant impact on how your home looks overall and how you feel within. For this reason, it's crucial to carefully analyze your color selections. If you're unsure, be sure to enlist the help of our team of knowledgeable experts by getting their expert opinion and guidance.

While it is feasible to paint a house on your own, it is typically far more convenient to let the experts handle the task. We will go through and make sure that the area being painted is properly prepped and cleaned up afterward, letting you sit back and relax instead of taking down tape, setting up ladders, etc. Our team of skilled painting professionals will go through and make sure that the area being painted is properly prepped and cleaned up afterward.

The scope of the project will have a significant impact on the time taken to complete the project. While the majority of residential painting tasks may be finished in under a week, larger projects, complicated projects, and commercial projects typically take a little longer. Our team of expert home painters will be able to offer you a more exact estimate of when your task will be finished when we visit you to do your consultation.

We utilize premium paints from the majority of well-known brands. Numerous elements, such as client preferences, the nature of the project, and other bid requirements, can affect the type of paint we use for our projects.

A high-quality paint job can be distinguished by putting up a lot of effort in preparation! The secret to a quality paint job is thorough surface preparation. It also calls for a thorough understanding of the various painting methods and supplies, as well as the necessary talent and dedication.

Most of the time, heat is not an issue. In extremely rare instances, the heat has caused the covering to bubble or blister. Again, this is unusual; often, it involved a piece of furniture that could not be moved out of the way of the sun and was painted a dark shade, like black. The fundamental issue is that painting surfaces in below-freezing conditions can have an impact on the coating's adhesion and gloss. Normally, you're okay to go as long as the paint feels dry to the touch after it has completely dried.

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